Synergy core

AxinoSC main

10 Synergy Core
effects included

The Axino Synergy Core comes bundled with 10 effects specially chosen to enrich any recording. Within the bundle you get compressors, EQs, preamps and dynamic processors that were modeled after iconic studio gear, making them perfect for achieving the ultimate radio-ready sound.



3-Band EQ / HPF / LPF

Cure your sound of its imperfections and add definition with the analog-modeled VEQ-55A effect. It is based on a legendary console from the 1960s that is well known for its unique coloration when applied on any acoustic instrument.



3-Band EQ / HPF

Modeled after one of the most iconic units in recording history, the BAE-1073 is your best companion if you seek an authentic vintage sound. It can be used to shape any source by adding a warm and true sound.



FET Compressor / Limiting Amplifier

The analog-modeled FET-A78 is an incredibly flexible effect that can make guitars and vocals brighter and clearer, regardless of whether you treat individually or an entire bus group. The original effect has been a studio staple for over 50 years and has been used on iconic vocals and drums of many records of the past century.

Opto 2A


Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter

Modeled after a legendary optical compressor known for its smooth compression, the OPTO 2A is easy to control and works like a charm on vocals. Use it on instruments when transparent compression is needed.



Mic / Line Preamp

Being one of the most famous mic preamps, the BAE 1073MP has shaped the sound of rock and roll records. Alter the input impedance with a single switch, to control the amount of rich and warm coloration you apply to acoustic instruments and vocals.

Gyraf Gyratec G9


Dual Tube Mic Preamp with HPF

The mic preamp from Gyraf Audio offers plenty of control for your input signal and will help you dial in sound that is up to professional recording standards. With the effect you can easily enhance your vocals with a more aggressive tone.




One of the most commonly used audio effects, the reverb allows you to add space and a sense of ambience to your recordings. The sound you get with reverb is similar to what you hear in a concert hall, a cathedral, or a cave. Use the AuraVerb while monitoring or mixing.




The de-esser is a must-have effect for your vocals. It smooths out the harsh and sharp sound of high-frequency letters like S, SH, F, X, and Cs. Apply the de-esser to any vocal recording to instantly get a polished and professional sound.



Noise Gate

The noise gate effect helps you improve the clarity of your audio by eliminating unwanted background noise often coming from your recording environment. Set the threshold level and use the effect when recording acoustic instruments and vocals.




The expander helps you increase the volume variation in your recordings by widening the dynamic range of the signal. It provides an alternative for dynamics control in addition to the noise gate.

18 microphone
emulations included

The Axino Synergy Core uses Antelope Audio’s microphone Modeling Engine, which allows you to record with virtual recreations of classic microphones. It comes with 18 emulations of dynamic, tube, and FET condenser microphones to record and monitor in real-time. This system grants flexible workflow and the opportunity to experiment with different mic emulations to find the perfect sound.

Berlin 47FT

Modeled after a vintage U47 FET, the Berlin 47 FT is by far the ultimate kick drum microphone. It gives you large, full-bodied sound and unmatchable low-end that’s also suitable for bass cabinets.

Berlin 47TU

Modeled after a vintage U47 from the 50s, this has arguably become the most recognizable and famous studio microphone of all times or as most engineers call it – “the holy grail” of tube microphones. It’s suitable for any source and any application, but its glory is mostly due to its ability to capture vocals’ presence like no other microphone. The 47TU gives you the ultimate balance of warmth, smoothness, creaminess, and presence.

Berlin 49T

Modeled after a vintage M49, this emulation gives you a classic male-vocal microphone for effortless tube-warmth, whilst preserving musical presence.

Berlin 57

Modeled after a vintage U57, this emulation has a familiar midrange warmth and velvety highs as its brothers the Berlin 47 and 67, but offers a slightly different character. This is often the perfect solution when the 47 or 67 aren’t quite right for your vocal.

Berlin 67

Modeled after a vintage U67, this microphone is often compared to its brother the 87. In contrast, the 67 is darker, mellower, and often described as more natural sounding. This would be the perfect choice for the drum-overheads and other sharp instruments that might need softening.

Berlin 87

Modeled after vintage U87 from the 70s, this emulation is a classic on vocals and acoustic instruments that need extra brightness. It gives you a recognizable bite and presence without the metallic harshness of the later models.

Berlin K86

Modeled after a vintage KM86 from the late 60s, this emulation of a classic German small-diaphragm condenser microphone is a rare secret weapon because of its broad uses. It’s been heard on snare drums (Metallica’s “Black Album”), piano (Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon”), and vocals (Stevie Wonder’s “Where I’m Coming From”)

Berlin M103

Modeled after a TLM103, this classic mic traces its heritage to the 87, but with a modern spin on it. It’s a great natural-sounding all-purpose studio microphone that offers less coloration than its brother the 87, but a bigger dynamic range.

Berlin M251

Modeled after a vintage ELA251, this is an all-time classic female-vocal microphone and one of the finest engineering accomplishments in its field. Since its release in the early 60s, it has been heard on countless records by Tina Turner, Shania Twain, Bjork, and many other legends.

Berlin V563

Modeled after a vintage CMV563, this emulation shares a similar sound character to the legendary 47TU with its natural warmth and smoothness, yet it adds another layer of presence and sheen on top.

Hamburg 441

Modeled after a vintage MD441, this classic emulation of a small diaphragm dynamic microphone is the perfect choice for guitar cabinets and snares. Its ability to capture detailed upper mids in high SPL applications without ever sounding harsh has made this microphone a must for many engineers.

Illinois 7B

Modeled after a vintage SM7B, this large-diaphragm dynamic microphone is in the drawers of most professional studios. Its applications vary from kick drums, bass cabs, and vocals (both live and in the studio), but it’s most well known as the “radio mic”, because of its ability to capture incredibly deep low-end on voice-overs and speech.

Illinois 57

Modeled after a vintage SM57, this small-diaphragm dynamic classic has become one of the most recognizable all-purpose microphones ever build. It often finds its place for close-miking drums or guitar cabs.

Minnesota 20

Modeled after a vintage RE20, this classic large-diaphragm dynamic microphone shares many tonal similarities with the Illinois 7B. It has a familiar large and full low-end making it suitable for kick drums, bass cabs, and male vocals. In contrast to the 7B, the Minnesota 20 has a slightly looser, more open, and natural sound stage.

Tokyo 800T

Modeled after a vintage C800G from the 90s, this classic hip-hop and pop large-diaphragm condenser mic has become the favorite for Drake, Justin Bieber, and many other artists today. Its ability to add unmistakable air and sheen on vocals make it the ultimate modern voice-capturing tool. Many describe its sound as having a “finished” quality to it.

Vienna 12

Modeled after a vintage C12, this classic emulation exhibits the character of one of the most desirable and luxurious large-diaphragm tube condenser microphones. It sits at the top of the dream-list for many pros who consider it the holy grail of vocal and brass microphones.

Vienna 112

Modeled after a vintage D112, this affordable classic has become music for every live-room with a drum kit. Its large-diaphragm dynamic capsule delivers tight low-end, plenty of attack, and handles high SPL, which makes it an ideal choice for modern kick drums.

Vienna 414

Modeled after a vintage C414 Brass Capsule, this iconic large diaphragm-condenser microphone is the ideal choice for drum overheads, acoustic instruments, and other airy sources. It captures sharp and present transients whilst maintaining an ear-friendly silky-smooth top-end at all times.