Multichannel Remote Controller

MRC Hero device 02

Advanced monitoring made simple

MRC is the long-anticipated hardware extension of our acclaimed surround sound and immersive audio monitoring system. The layout of this advanced monitor controller mirrors all major controls of the system for a smooth and intuitive workflow, thanks to fast preset recall and streamlined multichannel functionality.

The perfect extension of
our multichannel monitoring system

MRC Extension by Antelope Audio

Designed for tactile and straightforward monitoring workflow.

MRC Extension by Antelope Audio

Seamless support for over 23 formats – from stereo to 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos.

MRC Extension by Antelope Audio

Flexible 5-preset recall system at your fingertips.

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Navigate multichannel monitoring
with confidence

Designed for seamless monitoring workflow, with a tactile feel.
Carefully pre-defined buttons with LED indication remove second guessing.

MRC Hero device 02
Speaker Layout Buttons Enable individual speaker Solo and Mute functions. Useful when isolating single channels or whole channel groups to monitor spatialization and positioning of mix elements.
Bass Management Mirrors the Bass Management On/Off switch in the control panel. Useful for checking between having the LFE channel play all low frequency contents of the mix or only its designated signal.
Session presets A-E Fast preset recall buttons for all of the interfaces’ settings including signal routing, audio format switching, output levels, speaker calibration, FX processing, or direct monitoring mix parameters. Especially useful for seamless switching between different input sources or monitoring outputs. Handy for quick comparisons between binaural, surround, or Atmos mixdowns.
Dim Conveniently positioned next to the big volume knob, this button quickly dims the currently selected output by -20 dB.
Stereo Monitor Out Switches between controlling the surround/immersive audio monitoring level and the level of the stereo monitor output on the back of the interface.
Function Button (FN) Clears all currently muted speaker states. Can be also used as a power indicator LED. Hold it down during power-up to enter boot mode for firmware reinstallation.
Main Rotary Encoder Rotary knob output volume control for the stereo or surround/immersive audio monitoring outputs. Press it down to mute or unmute the current output.

The key to effortless immersive mixing

The Antelope Audio monitoring system supports over 23 audio formats, from stereo to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6, and features precise speaker and room calibration tools such as per channel 8-band EQ and delay offset. With intuitive controls, a color-coded layout, and fast preset recall functionality, this ecosystem is the top choice for surround and immersive audio production. The MRC controller enhances the system with streamlined and tactile controls, making it the key to effortless advanced monitoring.

Compatible with

The unit is compatible with Galaxy 64 Synergy Core,
Galaxy 32 Synergy Core and Orion 32+ Gen4.