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Built to perform

The Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core is designed for stellar recordings at home and in the studio. It features industry-leading sound quality made possible by our latest generation AD/DA converters and transparent preamps.

This desktop-format audio interface embodies our zero-compromise approach to hardware and the intuitive software control panel helps you streamline your sessions.


Virtual patchbay routing

Remove complexity, add creativity

The Discrete 4 Pro allows connection between any signal source and any destination for turning any session scenario into reality. Yes, seriously: every analog or digital output, effect strip or DAW track can receive any of the analog or digital inputs, effect returns, computer source channels or the four stereo mixes. All this flexibility is easily accessible via a drop-down menu on every channel or from the virtual patchbay screen – the choice is yours.

Connectivity options
of a rack-mount interface

The Discrete 4 Pro packs rich connectivity in a small package. This can make it your go-to for a wide variety of applications both in a home studio, and in a larger facility – voice overs, small band recordings, multi-synth setups and more. And with both USB and Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity, the interface achieves cutting-edge performance and easy integration with any setup.

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Mic/combo inputs A1 – A2 (XLR, LINE, HI-Z)
IPS display screen
Function buttons
Main rotary knob
Headphone outputs H1 – H4
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18V/20W power input
2x S/PDIF ports – 2 channels of I/O (Up to 24-bit, 192kHz)
2x ADAT ports – 8 channels of I/O (up to 24-bit, 48kHz – I/O reduced at higher sample rates)
Thunderbolt 3 port – 32 channels of I/O (Up to 24-bit, 192kHz)
USB 2 port – 24 chanels of I/O (Up to 24-bit, 192kHz)
2x word clock outputs
Main monitor outputs (1/4″ TRS balanced, DC-coupled)
4x line outputs (1/4″ TRS balanced, DC-coupled)
Mic/line Iinputs A3-A4

Sound quality

Record and monitor
with uncompromising detail

What is expansive connectivity if you don’t rock the best sound? The Discrete 4 Pro boasts industry-leading AD/DA converters, offering up to 130dB of dynamic range.

The new converters are backed up by our 64-bit AFC™ clocking technology – for even better transients, crystal-clear highs, and a stereo image with incomparable depth and detail.

Microphone preamps

Circuit design
inspired by legends

Designed with a unique 6-transistor topology, our Discrete preamps are now synonymous with precise sound capture for most transparent recordings. This design is a product of an extensive study of the greatest console preamps in history and is a main in the Antelope Audio sound.

The four Discrete preamps work wonders for any microphoneand perfectly complement the Edge line of modeling microphones and their frequency response.

Effects processing

Stack up your processing chain and send to any output

Synergy Core transforms the Discrete 4 Pro into a studio with racks full of vintage effects, adding some distinctive flavor to your sound, in real-time. Running on a hybrid system of one FPGA and two DSP chips, you can monitor, record and mix using an ever-expanding library of low-latency processors, without strain on your computer.

With the Discrete 4 Pro you can load effects on up to sixteen channel strips

You can process any signal source – including all digital and analog inputs and outputs.

The interface is mic modeling ready, featuring an extensive library of all-time favorites to emulate when using the Edge series microphones.

Browse the 37 included effects

Browse the entire collection
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Processes effects in real-time with imperceptible latency while monitoring, tracking or mixing.

Offloads all processing to the interface thus saving your host computer CPU & memory.

now available


Taking advantage of high-speed Thunderbolt™, the afx2daw plug-in lets you use Synergy Core effects inside most popular DAWs, providing native workflow while keeping all the processing inside the interface.

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Make every session better with these features

4 onboard stereo mixers

These 32 channel input mixers allow direct ultra-low latency monitoring of any signal source. Adjust levels and panning, input the 16 effects processing channels and create mixes for any of the interface’s outputs, or even use them for loopback during streaming.

4 Headphone outputs

The four independent headphone outputs allow you to send different mixes to every band member you are recording. This provides flexibility in every session and is a guarantee to make the artist happy.

Session recall

Don’t want to lose your progress? For every individual recording scenario, you can easily save session files and create exact snapshots of all your settings.

Word clock outputs

Take advantage of the world-renowned Antelope clock signal and sync the rest of your digital hardware to your Discrete 4 Pro with two Word Clock outputs.